We are here to implement your intelligence to software products with best quality and security.

Software Development

We have experts to develop softwares for all unix and windows based platforms. We use languages like .Net, Java etc.. to develop applications. We provide some solutions in the form of a desktop application where the web application cannot satisfy the scenarios, eg when a computer want to do operations with an external device.

We also provide embedded device programming if the software requires communication with a custom device to satisfy the requirements. You can see more details about the devices in embedded programming section.

Web Application Development

We offer web application development in different languages like Java, PHP, .NET. We always use the latest web technologies. The technologies we choose depends up on your business requirements. The design part is very important for a web application development. We have talented and creative web designers and developers. Our front-end technologies include html5, css3, jQuery, jqgrid, angularjs, Backbone.js etc.. For backend we use relational databases like mysql & oracle as well as cloud (Amazone DynamoDB, MongoDB) /non cloud based nosql databases like cassandra.

Mobile App Development

We have a wide variety of mobile platforms to executes your mobile app projects. Currently, they are iOS, Android, Fire OS, MeeGo etc.. Although, if you want a different platform, we are also able to provide it. We always give high priority for optimization, performance, build size etc.. so that you can get the best quality app. This quality improvement is done by dedicated developers. We have excellent engineers for social networking, geolocation based app developments.

Enterprise Application Development

We have complete enterprise solutions to handle your billions of customers without any traffic. Our large scale enterprise application can handle terabytes of data with billions of uses simultaneously. We have also developed a private technology which can offer you to handle unlimited data with unlimited user access simultaneously. We scale up the application horizontally so you don't have to invest for enterprise application category for the initial stage of your projects. The scalability factor is depended on the amount of data and the number of users to be handled. All of our enterprise application are going through a dedicated security testing service, so you always get high security for your enterprise applications.

Embedded Programming

For electronic projects, we are able to desing circuits and program for 8051,PIC16,PIC18,PIC24,ARM7 and Cortex M Series Micro-controllers.
We use :-
IDE's : MPLab, MikroC, Keil, Atmel studio, CCS Compilers
Eda Tool : Orcad 16.6
Simulation Tool : Proteus

Data Migration

We have dedicated data migration team who are able to migrate data from relational databases to NoSQL databases. Currently our data migration databases include Oracle, Mysql, Mongodb, DynamoDB, Cassandra.

Technology support

We provide java technology support for different frameworks like GWT, Vaadin etc.. Our experts can come online and fix your code issues or satisfy your requirements if you choose this service.